Friday, July 21, 2017

Adventure of Minis #2 - MOODIVERSARY

I love mini pieces. it's official. I don't know if I'll ever work on a large surface again. 

They're just so right for me! 

This is my 2nd piece for the Adventure of Minis that I'm journeying through during the Our Mixed Media Moods MOODIVERSARY

LOVE IT. love it love it love it friggin' LOVE IT. Here's the video, close up shots & supplies:


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, adore the stitching and pop of colour from the flower. Tracy x

  2. Love the colors, the grunge look and the dash of color on the flower. Beautiful as always.

  3. The stripes next to the flower; looked like stairs to climb to the top of the flower.
    {to do list: come back and watch video, after linking up :) }

  4. Beautiful! I was so surprised that it wasn't ticking fabric, but paper!

  5. The colors are gorgeous together!! Would love to see how you made the ticking handmade paper!!