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Thursday, August 1, 2019

CENSORED : Art Journaling with the Fword

At heart I'm a grungy raw unpredictable girl. (Can I still be called a girl @ a week until I turn 32?) hmph. & I curse. a lot. & what's more.. I LOVE it.

those dirty words that shant be spoken hold such SWAY over conversation. They're exciting. & pack such a punch. and they're FUN to say. and even funner to combine!

HOWEVER : being in the public eye as it were, comes with a few unspoken stipulations, and it's not that I censor myself necessarily, I just try to be considerate of those who like my work & techniques but maybe aren't so keen on some of my more PUNCHY words.

SO >>> this is your FAIR WARNING that the post here is dedicated very specifically to a curse word that starts with F & rhymes with DUCK.

Sometimes you gotta forget about norms & embrace who ya are. & even better... I've joined a LIKE MINDED group of individuals who love to say FiretrUCK, too!

& it's ok if you don't want to see this, I don't mind at all! Just please move past it to my other posts -- I love having you along for whichever works of art you DO want to see :)

So... let's get on with it shall we? Cus... this is a KILLER mini book! Mini art journal.. mini visual journal... mini mixed media book... it's just SO MINI! I'll walk you through most of the creation process & then all the supplies will be linked at the bottom should you want to see them.

Tina Walker showed us a great way to make a little book out of a single sheet of paper, so I grabbed a vintage piece of ledger & then did some printing using my Gelli Arts printing plate, Amsterdam Arylics & some new products I designed for UmWowStudio to aide in the fun creation using fuck... Then I followed Tina's tutorial to fold, cut & build the base of the book.

The cover is a piece of muslin, liquitex gesso, the new F BOMB Stencil from UmWowStudio, and super heavy gesso (also by liquitex.) Layers of Golden's fluid acrylic in carbon black, water, Dalery Rowney Artists Acrylic Ink in black and gesso create the delicious fluid shadowy effect & stripes. To close the book a Muslin ribbon (from UmWowStudio) has been rust dyed, thinned out and secured. It wraps around the book & secures under a couple of layered buttons.

The inside cover is liquitex gesso & golden fluid acrylic brushed onto bubble wrap then stamped. There's also a little bit of JUMBO sharpie.

When you turn the page you get a chance to see the Amsterdam acrylics layered all pretty on top of the vintage ledger paper. There's some masking tape, gesso, stabilo & water + graphite marks in the shape of plus signs. You're probably wondering where the FUCKs are, I have a very specific saying for this page, but haven't decided how I want to lay it out yet, so for now it rests pretty.

So THIS page is all about the hard & soft that goes with being a chick who curses : I am a delicate FUCKING flower. More of those gelli printed amsterdam acrylics showing through, vintage papers collaged with Uhu, masking tape, stabilo marks all, an UmWowStudio wild lily, sharpie & black pen. The bit of muslin at the top is the same ribbon as the closure, but stapled with a tim holtz tiny attacher.

This page has one of UmWowStudio's new masks (EffYouCeeKay) as the center of attention. I used it during the gelli printing process & then enhanced it with a graphite pencil.

The next page went through a few changes & I'm really glad that it did. It has the most paint from the gelli printed sections, which is sort of hard for me, because I love white space so much. So I added a ton of grunginess to it with a stabilo marks all, and then painted a muslin scrap and glued it down. It's been marked with a stabilo marks all & some gold foil, graphite & masking tape, and then finished off with a collaged book text saying : if I said FUCK would you hear me better? 

This spread has some water stabilo marks all stripes & an UmWowStudio stencil letters stencil used to form FUCK that doesn't quite fit onto the page... which I LOVE! I used a regular graphite pencil to trace them, then filled them in with some diagonal lines & dotted along the letters with a super fine sharpie paint pen.

We're coming up on the end... and I just can't get over how much I love this book! I wish there were somewhere I could submit it for publication, because it is just SO awesome. For this page I used a scrap piece of muslin & created the white texture on the page by scrubbing gesso through it with a hard brush, lift the muslin and YAY. a very cool linen texture. There are some more watery stabilo sposts, asemic writing with graphite, and a mixture of collage book text & using the FBomb stencil a 2nd time for FUCK that creates the saying he said she said FUCK head. Which... again... I LOVE.

& then the end : a bit of gesso work & four very hard grungy scribbles with a wet stabilo to symbolize F U C and K. very symbolic & very near to my heart.

I really love this little book : I had a ton of fun putting it together... and it won't be the last!

Gelli Arts 5x7 plate
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Liquitex Heavy Gesso
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UmWowStudio FBomb Stencil
UmWowStudio EffYouCeeKay Mask
UmWowStudio Stencil Stencil
UmWowStudio Wild Lily Chip
UmWowStudio Cotton Rag Ribbon
Stabilo Marks All Black ——— [ ] ——— [ Amazon US (12pk) ] ——— [ Blick ]
Daler Rowney Artists Acrylic Ink Black
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Masking Tape
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Monday, July 22, 2019

Wish Flag - a Stencil Girl Post

I have a crazy cool project to share with you today! I've joined an incredible group of creatives led by the fabulous Tina Walker... our goal : to create WISH FLAGS!

Here is my set of flags:
(supplies at the bottom)

They are layered up, textured, marked, stitched, stenciled, dimensional flags of beauty. They make my heart sing & I love having them displayed!

Liquitex Gesso ——— [ Amazon US ] ——— [ Blick ]
Stencil Girl Clouds Stencil
Liquitex Heavy Gesso
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Palette Knife ——— [ Amazon US ] ——— [ Blick ]
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Golden Gel Medium Matte ——— [ Amazon US ] ——— [ Blick ] Golden High Flow Shading Gray ——— [ Blick ] ——— [ Amazon US ] Golden Fluid Acrylic Carbon Black ——— [ Amazon US ] ——— [ Blick ] Paint brush & water ——— [ Amazon US ] Ranger Heat It Craft Tool ——— [ ] ——— [ Amazon US ] ——— [ SimonSaysStamp ] ——— [ ] Prima Marketing Turquoise String Graphite Pencil

Pop over to the Tina's Stencil Columb to see all the incredible flags!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Captured- Tutorial

Our Mixed Media Moods is a monthly collaboration between myself & Mixed Media Jenn where we pump up our youtube channels with high quality mixed media videos. Then.. we invite YOU to join us by joining our Facebook Group where you can post your projects inspired by ours.

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Based on this mood board :

Video & supply lists + closeups : 

Jenn Engle is my partner in crime for Our Mixed Media Mods : See Jenn's Video :
A general supply shop full of my favorites :
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