Thursday, April 27, 2017

Whispers {Our Mixed Media Moods APRIL}

Hallo hallooooo! <3

It's time for April's OUR MIXED MEDIA MOODS where Jenn Engle & myself inspire you with awesome mixed media tutorials based on moooood boooooards. (I'm in a weird mood I think!) 

Our Mixed Media Moods is a monthly collaboration between myself & Mixed Media Jenn where we pump up our youtube channels with high quality mixed media videos. Then.. we invite YOU to join us and link up below so we can visit your amazing responses! 

Occasionally we'll have some giveaways, prizes and guest artists joining us.. so please join our facebook group to see all the happenings! AND sign up for our newsletter for emails delivered directly to your inbox!

This month's mood board is courtesy of the fabulous JENN and she was shooting for some SPRING inspiration. 

Isn't that just delightful?

Ready for my piece? ready? READY?


I love our mixed media moods like NO.OTHER!

Jenn's boards always push me so far past my comfort zone and I'm always so HAPPY with the results. Each month I feel like I'm taking leaps & bounds towards the art I really want to create. Here's a big shout out to Jenn for wanting to do these challenges with me... for pushing me... and for helping me grow. For being my Our Mixed Media Moods PARTNER ♥

ok ok... enough sappyness -- next up is the video (16+minutes) followed by a TON (seriously) of closeup shots and the supply list. Last on the post is the link up --- we hope you're SUPER inspired to create some new mixed media art. remember.. we LOVE videos but they aren't required :) we're just excited to see what you create!





  1. It's been a loooong while and i'm so glad to have found my way here! Very inspired by all of it Deedee, thanks!