Friday, January 20, 2017

Wild {Our Mixed Media Moods}

Our Mixed Media MOODS!


I am so stoked to share with you my piece today for Our Mixed Media Moods.. but I am getting ahead of myself.. first off all.. What is Our Mixed Media Moods? 

It's a monthly collaboration between myself & Mixed Media Jenn where we pump up our youtube channels with high quality mixed media videos.

This month we've also invited a guest designer... FIONA PALTRDIGE. 

AND >> we have a SPONSOR :
Viva Las VegaStamps! is giving away a $25 gift certificate. To be eligible for the giveaway just be inspired by our mood board & upload via the linkup at the bottom of this post! ♥

The mood board we're working with for the next 30 days is.. 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.. are you ready, are you ready, ARE YOU READY?? Here's my project:

It's a 6x12 wooden panel artists board. and they are AWESOME to work on! There's collage, and texture building, acrylics, encaustic, a miniature weave!!!, stamping and more... So check out the video, then some detail photos & a supply list. ♥ 






  1. OMG! This is so much wonderful piece!!! I love it!!! And the mood is AMAZING!

  2. "....upload via the linkup at the bottom of this post! ♥"
    ???????? Would you please translate that for us ...technically challenged.... individuals? How do I enter the giveaway? : }

    Thanks, hugs, cat

    1. Hi Cat! There's a place at the bottom of the post where you'll see some gorgeous entries based on our mood board. That's what you have to do :) Create a project and then post it on your blog or facebook.. somewhere that will host an image.. and then link up! ^_^