Sunday, October 9, 2016

Washy Acrylics - Art Journaling 10.9

We are art journaling again today :)

I've been having a TON of fun just playing around with acrylics.. watering them down, makeing them wishy washy, splattering, layering, and playing with values. Which is sort of what this whole page is about. Just using acrylics on top of acrylics.

as an artist, I know that we're all different with unique styles & techniques.. but I always feel like I have to preface my art journaling with "It may not seem finished to you..." because it may not.. but my pages are a lot more, for me, about techniques, tools, tips & tricks. I'm just.. honing skills, trying out new things and experimenting with products. I get the comment a lot that my pages are "Perfectly simple mixed media" and I think that's because of two things.. the aforementioned technique/tip/tool/trick use of my pages, but also because I want to share with others... I not only upload these pages to my youtube channel, but also teach a local art journaling class where I want to be able to give the students the largest amount of info I can.. which boils down to not overloading the pages and our short 2 hours together. So I have some fun things to share with you in the following video. Then there will be some closeup shots and the supply list :) Thanks again for joining me each week!

Oh >> P.S. There's a facebook group dedicated to my lessons and inspiration HERE. Join us and share your creations inspired by my lessons! 

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