Thursday, September 15, 2016

Previous Existence - A Tag Duo for Artists LIVE! What the WHAT?!

I am BEYOND super excited to share with you today that I have joined the Artists Live group for a short period of time! Through the end of the year I'll be doing one LIVE show a month via the Artists Live Ustream channel. The group goes live every Monday @ 11am PST. 

You can see me this coming up Monday (9.19) where I'll be doing this Tag Duo:

This tag duo is a delicious bit of mixed media goodness, paper layering, chipboard altering, stencil using, stitching goodness. I've incorporated a bit of black out (or in this case white out) poetry that I picked up from Ivy & Petra's Poetic Plaster & Wax class.

My poem reads:

Individual tree
or man fleeting
poetic recollection
(of) a previous existence

How good is that?! There is no video at this time for the tag duo, but we record the live shows if you can't make it. But.. I HOPE you can and hope you'll be there to see the magic happen in real time :)

Feel free to accept my invite via this facebook event.

So Join me on Monday for a live taping of these beauties!