Friday, June 17, 2016

Figuring SH!T Out {Art Journal Page}

Hello friends -- welcome to my slice of blog heaven today :) I'm sharing an Art Journal spread in a traveling journal that is now on its way back to its owner. This is such a fun way to gather art by other artists... to learn and explore their way of creativity. 

Michele K. asked us to "Reveal ourselves" in her journal.. so I did! and sometimes life isn't pretty -- it just isn't. and this.. sentiment you could call it I guess? is exactly how I feel. but not in a negative way.. just in a "everything isn't always glitter and rainbows" way. ♥ In a.. well.. "I'm still learning" way. 

Michele's journal base was made of atlas and map pieces... which was SO cool. Everyone used the maps differently.. some people completely covering them up, some people leaving them completely open, and some using things like glazes and translucent products to keep the texture of the map showing only fainter. 

I chose to use some Liquitex Gesso (all product links at the bottom of the page) to cover the middle of the pages with a sort of dry brushing towards the edges. This allowed the maps to show through in a type of border.. quite fun! Then using the fabulous Dina Wakley Media paints in Turquoise and my Simply Simmons Wash brush I applied a good coat of paint. There's a REALLY great stencil by The Crafter's Workshop called Stencil Halftone Dots with lots of life.. while the paint was still wet I laid the stencil down and used a baby wipe to remove some of the paint. 

At first I was just having fun in the background.. then when my brain landed on a direction I needed to add a bit more turquoise to the bottom.. but I didn't want to lose the cool map feature. SO I pulled out a Stabilo WOODY in the same color (heck yes! love when that happens) and scribbled around the area.. when it's activated with water it becomes very similar to watercolor in both it's texture and translucency. I'm sold on these beauties :) 

The stamped image is by Mary Vogel Lozinak via Viva Las VegaStamps! .. she's so sassy to me. I stamped her in Archival Ink (Black Soot) on plain cardstock and adhered her to my page with UHU. Then I did a bit of doodling with my Posca Paint Pen & Stabilo Marks All. Because the paint pen is permanent, I could overlap the two and then activate the marks all with some water.. creating some really great grungy distressed effects & shadows.

I finished the whole spread with a bit of masking tape and a personal photo. Last year I got a super cute pedicure (my first!) before a weekend retreat. I sewed it to the page for some added texture and scribbled around the photo with a scarlet lime pen. A bit more stabilo marks all to finish it off.. and I was all set to ship it back to the owner :) 

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