Saturday, September 19, 2015

Leafy - a gelli printed creation

I'm still so excited about the upcoming Gelli Printing class and recently Gelli Arts themselves posted about the class on their facbeook page. EEK! I was so flabbergasted, I'm completely honored and my heart still beats quick thinking about it. <3 Well today I thought I'd inspire you a bit more with some of the things you can do with gelli printing. There are really only about a MILLION and I'm having so much fun prepping and experimenting for the upcoming class. Hope you can join us! I only have 3 seats left to borrow a plate, but if you have one and want to brush up or learn some of my own tips n tricks to printing successfully those seats are unlimited! 

This particular printing comes from a 5x7 plate with layers of gorgeous Dina Wakley acrylic paint by Ranger Ink. I've used layers on layers starting with a single flat layer of color and then other layers of darker colors through stencils. I wasn't aiming for anything specific... just having fun playing. I worked on creating shapes and textures in the background that weren't specific. I'll share lots of tips n tricks in the class :) 

When I work in gelli printing, much like a lot of other artists, I print print print print.. working on all sorts of prints and layers. I'm not always sure what the end results will be, but I was so super excited to pull three complete prints similar to this one. They're a really delicious color scheme to work on and I can't wait to make a trio of them.

The first of my future trio was finished with an UmWowStudio Leafy stencil, Stabilo Marks All, White Uni-Posca paint pen, a piece of Canson watercolor paper and some stitching. It could make a great little journal cover, card front, planner dashboard or anything! I'm not even sure if it's quite finished... I think I will know more once I work on the other couple, but it sure is pretty to look at :)