Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gelli Printing! {Class}

Remember the post I shared recently with some gelli printing I've been doing?? Well let's get to Gelli Printing 101!

I am SUUUUPER stoked to offer the basics of Gelli Printing -- where to start, how to do it, what's good, what's not (is there such a thing?), my favorite tips n tricks! In person $20 - 3 hours - October 25th. Soon after I'll launch the same info via video! Physical class @ The Crafting Place (on Russell Rd)

As the flyer states... I have 13 open seats for the first 13 who prepay and need to BORROW a plate. I have unlimited seats for those that already have a plate and want to brush up and or just learn my style :)

Just email me @ that you'd like to attend -- let me know which seat you need (are you borrowing aplate or bringing your own?) and I can invoice you! :)


  1. Hi DeeDee - just posted this on the Gelli Arts Facebook page :) Will share some of your prints too. Feel free to post your work on our page - I will share it whenever I can! Best - Nancy, Marketing Director, Gelli Arts.

  2. Would love to attend in person - but I live in Illinois. Hope you will let us know when you post a class on-line for gelli printing. I have a plate, and even with watching several videos, can't seem to find a groove - was just about to give my plate away and read your post.

    1. I will definitely be having an online version Kathy! It will go live the day after our physical class :) So October 26th. <3 Hope I can help you figure some things out!!