Friday, September 4, 2015

Altered Paper Mache {Blog Hop}

Hello fine artsy friends :) How are you today? I myself am feeling fab :)

Today I get to share with you a sweet little artist collaboration.. or more like little artist CHALLENGE. A few sweet gals got together and thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves to an Altered Paper Mache Animal hop! So here we are :)

DeeDee Catron  << You are here!

So thanks so much for joining us on this little trip! And the results are in.... I'm pleased to introduce you to my Princess of the Ancient World!!!

The base was a dinosaur shaped paper mache animal. I covered the entire thing in my own layer of paper mache out of an elmers glue and water mixture and old vintage book pages. After that was dry I painted the spikes of my little dino in titanium white paint. Then there were two layers of glazing in burnt umber, a scraping of lime green paint and then another two layers of glazing in burnt umber. There was lots of painting.. wiping away. painting. wiping away. and I must say the results are PHENOMENAL. 

After that was all said and done I decided to get a little doodly on the spikes and grabbed an Uni Posca paint pen in black. I dotted, zigzagged and circled up my dino. At this point she already felt regal but I hadn't decided on exactly how to finish her. Then when I was digging around in my words pile these two fell out. I swear it was like magic. It all clicked together and I was done!

Now I'm not sure if I'm completely done with her or not - there are definitely some ideas floating around in my head... I want to find or make her a crown of some sort.. and maybe make some jewels dangle from her tail. Time will tell!

Thanks for checking out what I did today :)


  1. Beautiful layers of awesomeness!!

  2. I love the tribal look! Awesome dino.

  3. I am so in love with how she turned out! The color is amazing and the texture divine! ♥

  4. I love this! Fab work on the body. I think she needs a name....

  5. It's that splash of green that really draws your eye in! SUPER COOL PROJECT! Love love love it! So glad I got to play along with this!