Saturday, July 18, 2015

IW 2015 - Weeks 4, 6, 10, 11 & 12

I need to do a bit of catch up on some of the work I've been doing... so here is HUGE blog post SLAM PACKED with photos from my Inspiration Journal that I'm filling with Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday for 2015. This has seriously been such a great way to release... to open back up to my fine arts background and to really just delve into things I want to do. Sometimes I catch myself STUCK in a paper based world... and this has really made me feel like it would be (and WILL BE!! hint hint) totally cool for me to get out the paint and other supplies WAAAAAAAAY more often.

Week 4:

I'm very gaga over the neutral of this spread with the pop of turquoise. I did a little bit different than Donna, one to make it my own but two to sort of try and use some of the things I have instead of running out to buy a ton of stuff, also.

This is my favorite photo from this spread. My heart soars when I see that Handwriting Stencil from UmWowStudio as delicious texture... the bits of book page peeking through... and the two different glazes all playing off each other. 

This stamp I designed for Viva Las VegaStamps! and I adore sliding it into all sorts of my journal pages... She Was A Dreamer.

This stamp is ALSO from VLVS! : Wildflowers Silhouette. I love using stamps so much.. I tend to stamp in Archival Ink by ranger because I'm fond of the color and am impressed by the quality.

More of that delicious stencil.. it spans across the inclusion -- I really love how the tape that secures the pages picks up glazing, too... I just. LOVE. :) 

And I showed this page... one because it shows the tag and tape and glazing.. deliciousness.  But also because it shows how the pages look as they start to stack on top of each other. A few poking out here.. a few there. and it's GOOD. 

Week 6: 

This spread is totally delicious. I love the dark gloomy gray top with the bright n bold bottom. The whimsical trees in the middle are really stark and great. Lots of golden, lots of gesso, lots of glaze.

The stencil I used to for the inclusion is a Handwriting Stencil I designed for UmWowStudio :) 

And the texture from the gesso and the gray glazing really is to die for. I've started incorporating lots of gray glazing into my recent works based on this spread. Thanks for the lesson Donna! :)

The texture that the strings create in the background is absolutely yum! 

Week 10:
This week (and god only knows how many times I will say this...) really struck my heart strings! I'm a huge fan of black and white / neutrals with punches of black. I used mostly cream and vintage colored ephemera with kraft embellishments like tags, cards and a paper stencil.

Here's that delicious paper stencil! Not sure why... but I seem to be drawn to 7s? You can see the layers of cream and kraft on the background. Then there was a bit o white painting... some mark making, doodling.. and more.

A couple of things I used in the background include tickets, dictionary pages, music note paper and more.

I love these marks that were made!

Week 11:
Mmmmm COLOR! >>> I don't know if I will add anything else... but I've been digging just playing with the color and black marks Donna shared with us.

Of course I did include by brown hole :) But those black watery stripes are truly delicious against the bold colors.

Week 12:

Delicious Rusty goodness from the Ver Day paint and patina set.

My numbers were made with some old glittery thickers and they really made my paint reveal some great texture. 

And yes, your fancy little not miss anything eyes probably saw the few weeks I'm missing in between ;) Some of them I'm waiting for inspiration to strike... and some for time to sit down and really concentrate on the process as they're a little new to me :) Are you doing Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday? I'd love to see what you've come up with!


  1. These pages are stunning!! I love how you made them your own!!

  2. Beautiful pages Dee Dee! I'm doing inspiration wednesday too, and I'm having a blast.