Saturday, April 11, 2015

Art Journaling - 2015

So here's the deal!! I feel bad for those of you who end up missing my art journaling class. Some can make it once, some twice, some none. Some are local, some are not! I've had a few visitors this spring surprise me by attending as they were touring through Vegas.. how neat is that?!

Well I've come to the conclusion (with the help of a few friends) that I should start taping myself during the sample process. This opens up a great deal of opportunity... Those who miss the class can catch up and be up to date on lessons. Those who are not local can participate with us by purchasing access to the videos. The videos will be free to anyone who attends EITHER the first or second class of each month. These videos will always be available and can also serve as a great refresher for techniques and tutorials.

well.... the videos for March's Art Journaling are now available!! 

If you physically attended either of my classes in March please email me for access to the videos. (

If you missed both classes or are interested in participating virtually, you can purchase access to March's videos HERE. Use code "workshop" in your cart to receive free shipping. not valid if you're purchasing physical products from the UmWowStudio shop.

Save your passwords because as each month's classes become available I will be be updating this page with links to each one.

And please join us in this facebook group to chat about each class, share inspiration and just be.

March's finished pages :

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