Monday, November 10, 2014

My Own Mark Making {ACP and Mold Rubber}

Today I am sharing a project over on the Amazing Crafting Blog using the fabulous Amazing mold Rubber which is a two part compound used for making molds. My original intentions were to mold a super cool Keyhole fixture to recreate in resin for embellishment pieces on tags, layouts and mini albums. And I will DEFINITELY still be doing that! BUT >> I found a very cool unintentional use of some molded pieces...


I've been taking a class here and there from Donna Downey and learning LOTS about making marks using every day found pieces. Well after I had molded and altered a piece for a tag it was laying on my desk next to a project I'm working on based on Donna's work and it just CLICKED!!

For the ACP blog I did a step by step on creating the keyhole if you want to make one of your own! So stop by the Amazing Crafting Products blog and see the video and more details. :)