Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nature Walk

Here is the first collection I designed for 7 Dots Studio : Nature Walk
(I'm not sure I ever REALLY showed it on the blog, and I'm just trying to keep track of things♥)


Scrapbooking papers 12×12”:

Cloudy A

Cloudy B

Cotton A

Cotton B

Musical Blooms A

Musical Blooms B

Winged Vines A

Winged Vines B

Gray Day A

Gray Day B

Songbird A

Songbird B


Element Stickers

Word Stickers

Die-Cut Elements:

Die-cut Tags

Die-Cut Elements

Clear Stamp Set 4×6” :

Collection Kit and 6×6” pad:

6x6'' Designer Pad

Collection Kit



  1. I have seen this STUNNING collection over at 7 Dots and LOVE IT ALL!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on designing such a delight!!!