Saturday, July 21, 2018

Our Mixed Media Moods > July 2018

Hiya friends... I know you've missed #OurMixedMediaModos --- because i have, too! & i'm super stoked to stay that we are BACK. I'm going to try hard not to drop back off... but I know you understand because life is just that... life. And things pop up and get in the way of our plans.

But I need Our Mixed Media Moods... I BREATHE our mixed media moods, man!

So I will be joining your shortly with my own project :)

Jenn and I have been loving having fun with you. We adore sharing our experiences & knowledge with the world so when we had this idea it seemed perfect.. and IT IS!
Our Mixed Media Moods is a monthly collaboration between myself & Mixed Media Jenn where we pump up our youtube channels with high quality mixed media videos. Then.. we invite YOU to join us and link up below so we can visit your amazing responses! 

Occasionally we'll have some giveaways, prizes and guest artists joining us.. so please join our facebook group to see all the happenings! AND sign up for our newsletter for emails delivered directly to your inbox!

This month's mood board is slam damn full of rusty inspiration & orange's complimentary color : BLUE. We threw in a little nautical goodness, some scrapey - drippy type stuff & some mark making.

Stay tuned for my project :)

Here is your link up! : 

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