Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Let's WEAVE Baby!

Inspiration comes in MANY FORMS >>> I love drawing inspiration from other artists. Everyone has their own unique way of doing things.. and more often than not when I'm perusing other artist blogs I'm inspired to try something new!!

When inspired by others I also get the chance to make it my own and mix in things I love.

I'm inspired by everyday things.. nature, architecture, product design, music and more...

and THEN there are challenges, prompts and even collaborations that I can join in on that inspire me EVEN more! 

Today I'm sharing with you one such collaboration.. the UBER talented Tina Walker puts together collaborations in all sorts of things.. this one happened to be a weaving collaboration.. WHICH i've been practicing! The blogs you can visit are : 

Martha Richardson

Beth Soler

Albion Gould

DeeDee Catron

Tina Walker

Laura Mooney

Robyn Crowningshield

And my woven piece... :

EEK I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been really hard to not share it!!!!!

The main body of the weave uses two SUPER delicious yarns from Michaels.. a really chunky wool that has a piece of black thread wrapped around to sort of keep it in check.. and this really beautiful sort of loopy yarn .. think pompoms but loops instead :) The warp is just a plain cotton thread.

I chose to weave in big chunky stripes.. if you've been a follower of mine for long you'll know I love two things... chevrons and stripes! (They always appear in my paper designs, too.) The loopy white yarn is about 6 rows, and the thick gray is two rows. I tied the top with a stick (Something I picked up from Tina!) 

And then I knotted the bottom.. little did I know that you could actually do tassels before pulling your weave from the loom... it's ok! I improvised. I just wrapped some caramel colored Silk around the knotted cotton warp and tied it into a knot as well. Pulling towards the bottom of the weave helped my tassels lay correctly. 

After I was finished tying I was quite pleased with how the straight silk laid against the sort of frayed cotton. I ended up gluing some UmWowStudio Star Confetti to some of the taseel pieces.

And last but not least was a focal point.. I started out with a sweet little coconut fiber nest shaped area. Then I went through my found objects and found this HUGE thick gear that my hubby found laying in the road.. I've been holding onto it for some time and was super ecstatic to use it on this weaving. I tied the gear and coconut fibers in place with some waxed linen thread.

Then I dug through my Relics & Artifacts by Sandra Evertson and Prima Marketing Inc for this adorable little face. He's had layers of Rub n Buff, Prima Bloom Spray, Golden's Fluid Acrylic in Carbon Black and a bit o' gesso.. plus lots of give n take (Doing the dance) put some on.. take some off.. put some on.. take some off. I glued him down gel medium.. and there you have it!

I also popped this baby up on my Society6 for some fun products.. please stop by :)

Yarn (Michaels)
Harrisville Loom
Prima Bloom Spray | Prima Relic & Artifact
Golden Gel Medium | Golden Fluid Acrylic
Liquitex Gesso
Rub & Buff Antique Gold
Coconut Fibers, Waxed Linen Thread, Found Gear, Cotton Thread, Silk Ribbon,


  1. Wow, I love this! That center piece would make an excellent nest.

  2. this is so cool and gorgeous! always love seeing your work, this is no exception!!

  3. OMG!! DEEDEE!! This is AMAZEBALLS! I didn't think I was "into" weaving but you may have just altered my perspective xxxx

  4. OMG!! DEEDEE!! This is AMAZEBALLS! I didn't think I was "into" weaving but you may have just altered my perspective xxxx

  5. What a gorgeous piece!!! LOVE, love, love!

  6. Love, Love, Love!!!!! This SO much DeeDee! You totally rock weaving! I need to see more! ♥♥♥

  7. Just gorgeous! I'm not a weaving person, but all you collab-ing people make it tempting 😄

  8. Just gorgeous! I'm not a weaving person, but all you collab-ing people make it tempting 😄

  9. Awesome - very tactile Have a lovely weekend :)

  10. Found your site because of this collaboration & just wanted to tell you that I love your style! This piece is really great, especially the textures with those earthy colors.

  11. WOW! This is really cool. I love the contrast of the fluffy fibers and the ribbon tassels. These small weavings are a perfect background to highlight special findings :)

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